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14 Indications & Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You by Ajet : 07:10 am On 10 Oct 2017
16 Indications & Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Relationships nowadays are just meant to limit till one-night stand or on or two months. And if you find your relationship to be long-lasting, and suddenly your boyfriend or girlfriend starts losing interest in you then it is a sign of cheating. Cheating partners may think that they are canny, but many of them unknowingly hint and give signs of their extra affair.

List of signs of cheating is discriminatory. Finding your partner’s betrayal is easier these days through messages, emails and social media. The question is now When to know your partner is losing interest in you?

Know What are the signs that you are being cheated on by your partner?

1. Claims privacy all of a sudden
Your partner will no longer grant you to touch his cell phone. Suddenly, he will demand to be private by secretly texting or calling someone when you are not around. These signs shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Lock-patterns and passwords
Your partner will change passwords known to you and start-off keeping lock patterns and don’t allow you to knowhis lock pattern making excuses.

3. Saves name of new fling by fake name

Say, your boyfriend is cheating on you then he will avoid the contact of his new female friend or his ex with whom he is trying to patch up, with a fake name, i.e., maybe he will save the contact in the name of a guy’s name or maybe he will use some short form.

4. Giving irrelevant explanations

5. Spending too much time on phone
Be it a WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype or any other social media, he spends most of the time on his phone and keeps on ignoring you and your talks is a clear indication, he has found someone, and it is a big warning sign for you.

6. Have more female friends than you have
When you find he is having more female friends than you and his contact list is almost full with female friends it is evident he is cheating on you. You will frequently find him calling, chatting and meeting female friends and ex.

7. Either your partner will give you his phone or keep you away
If your partner allows you to check his phone without any objection, then he must be having the other cell phone, or he has deleted all that obnoxious chats and calls. Or if your partner is avoiding to bring his cell phone near you, then it is clear indication he is hiding something.

8. Often complains of Phone’s battery dying
Now and then, your partner gives you excuses that his battery is about to die either to avoid talking to you or he will switch off his phone intentionally when he is with someone else and lie to you in the name of his phone’s low battery life.

9. Flirting with your friends
When your partner starts flirting even with your friends, then you must instantly know about his intentions of being cheating on you as he is not sparing your friends too.

10. No more interested in s*x
Suddenly, you find your partner losing interest in s*x life and starts checking out other girls randomly even starts praising their curves, booty, nd physique.

11. Searching and following s*xy women on social media
If you find your guy following s*xy ladies on Instagram and Facebook, chat with them hiding from you than it is clear indication for you to leave him.

12. Randomly starts lying
Lying in each and every talks and situation, be it staying out the whole night and lying, long talks on calls and lies, chats, and lies.

13. Special social media friend
Most of the lies and betrayal are caught from calls, chats, emails, pictures. Nowadays, you can easily find your partner cheating on you by Apps that help to recover hidden pics, chats, call details and so on.

14. Forgetting important event
Your partner will clearly send a signal showing he is not interested in you anymore when he misses your art gallery exhibition or your first public representation event, or your important meetings and interviews then he is showing you a green signal he is engaged in a relationship with someone else.



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