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Relationships And How Its Affects You by sherifastro: 01:55 pm On 10 Oct 2017
Relationships and How its affects you

Can you make your relationship status have a meaningful impact on your general well being?

It has been stated in research that good relationships make a huge positive difference to our health while a bad one impact on health status negatively.

There are various factors that can easily impact on your health, be it what you do to yourselves, to others or what you receive from people.

Following are the major ways relationships influence the mind.

You could either be married, or just in some casual “no-big” thing relationship, no matter the level of romantic relationship you are in, it could impact on your health in good or bad ways.

Weight problem

On one hand, some couples, once they get settled into a married life, some tensions are taken off and they easily become comfortable and relaxed that they begin to gain lots of weight.

They tend to put off the conscious effort of ensuing to be their very best for each other and a reverse then occurs where they lose weight when the marriage ends.

Likewise for other couples, they become each others motivator, doing things together, setting and achieving objectives together.

When the word ”mutual” is a common and everyday thing between couples or romantic partners, everything goes in sync and their moods and general health-being will be in good shape.

Stress control

Medical studies have proved that partners that enjoy regular s** tend to have less stress, are very proactive and healthy both mentally and physically.

Though physical intimacy between partners can improve health status and increased the bond between couples, it only form one part of a relationship.

Other relationship aspects that falls outside s** could as well be a trigger for increased stress level.

Good hormones

Do you know there are other factors that can reduce stress and improve your well-being aside s**?

A researched carried out by the University of North Carolina involving a number of couples showed that the couples had increased level of oxytocin, which is a feel-good hormone that helps relieve stress and cause a better mood after hugging.

It shows that those little caring of touching each other, hugging even or caress of the shoulder are a great deal in managing stress and nervousness.

Sleep problems

Your relationship could be a factor in determining how good your sleep is.

Sleeping next to a partner that snores, or have trouble sleeping naturally will definitely affect your own sleep negatively.

When there is tension, argument or a sense of insecurity in your marriage, you also tend to have sleep problems.

So also is having the coziness and warmth of sleeping close to a love one, who you feel at ease and that will naturally make you relax and fall asleep easily.

Anxiety / Depression

There have been many cases where bad relationship, constant disagreements between couples causes partners daily stress and worries with constant fear which eventually leads to anxiety, depression and some other mental issues.

Not that relationship naturally causes anxiety, not exactly.

In fact it has been reported (in WHO study in 15 countries of about 35,000 people) it was observed that people who were married could have lesser risk of suffering anxiety or depression, marriage.

Though it wasn’t stated in the study that they were happy or not in the marriage,

But one thing that is naturally agreeable is good relationship keeps you away from health risk as compared with bad troubled ones.

One with an unfaithful partner or falling apart marriage is bound to suffer depression over time with continuous fear and worries.

Though some will argue that a woman that has been in a long relationship especially one like marriage, irrespective of the strength of the bond in it could be at lesser risk of suffering from depression.

Alcohol problems

How much your partner drinks could reflect in just about how much alcohol you drink and the regularity of it.

Troubles in relationship, abandonment or lack of care and intimacy could cause one to drink.

It has been shown in researches that majority of those that drink excessively are usually those having or dealing with relationship issues.

And it is only natural that no matter the level of problem in a relationship, drinking will only intensify such hence leading to worse situation.

Romantic relationship is a beautiful thing when done the right way.

As it is, it involve two people, who must be in sync with each other to have a balance and healthy bond, where there is issues, it start affecting both parties and will gradually be eating away at your health.

Your health is your responsibility to take care of, therefore ensure to do your best to be in a healthy relationship.


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